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Cumberland Valley Rugby Club

2023 Fall 7's High School Boys Schedule

9/24 Susquehanna University @ Selinsgrove, PA
10/1 Knightmare @ Lancaster, PA
10/15 Cumberland Valley @ HOME!
10/22 PENDING - Penn State Berks @ Reading, PA
11/5 Fall State Championship @ Manheim, PA

What is Rugby?

Please take the time to educate yourself about rugby as you will enjoy it much more if you know what is happening: Beginner's Guide to Rugby:

You can learn a great deal by watching rugby matches:

If school is closed, we do not have rugby. We will use email and the schools' afternoon announcements to alert you to changes in location or a cancellation.

Our website is Thanks and we look forward to another exciting year of rugby!


February 3 High School team practices begin (9th to 12th grades). M-T-W-TH 3:30 to 5:30 PM
February 18 Junior Team (8th grade) - T-TH 3:30 to 5:30 PM. After season begins films will be Mon 3:30
February 25 Youth Team (5th-7th grades) - TU-TH 3:30 to 5 PM. After season begins films will be Mon 3:30


Registration (Open now)

Two steps/payments:
  1. Team Dues - $50, $75, $100 depending on team selection - Go to our website: Go to our website: then click on Register
  2. State/National Dues - RugbyPA Website at:; Please do your best to sign up for the correct team on the drop down menu - Cumberland Valley Rugby Club - HS Boys (10th-12th) Junior (8th-9th) and Youth


Junior and Youth: First matches are March 15 and season concludes mid May. We'll will post the schedule on our website.


Here is a link to the shorts we wear. 5th to 9th wear black shorts and socks, 10th to 12th wear White shorts and socks.

Field Status

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